Our copywriting services

We've amassed over 15 years' copywriting experience and have worked for all business types. We've sold our souls to massive corporations, written for newspapers, energised digital start-ups, managed social media campaigns, and cosied up to one-man-bands in their sheds. 

All kinds of words, all kinds of media - but always the same goal: to raise brand awareness, engage consumers, and improve sales. Take a look at how we could do the same for you below.


Website copywriting

We know what it takes to engage people online. Big and small, we've written for them all: from supermarket super-behemoths like Asda to local start-ups such as The Skipton Press.

Tapping into your brand's unique tone of voice, we bring your content to life and your identity to the fore with copy that informs, inspires and drives both new and repeat visitors to your site.

In today's digital age your website is your shop window. Together, we'll make it shine.



Blogging attracts audiences by giving them valuable content before asking anything of them in return (i.e., money). At the same time, it distinguishes you as an authority in your field, building trust with your customers and separating you from your competition.

Our blogs will get your voice out there and bring people to you, increasing brand awareness, engagement, web traffic and sales. So, what are you waiting for? Blog on!


Print & packaging

We've written packaging for some of the biggest names around: Asda, George Home, Aldi, Russell Hobbs, Polaroid, and Pets at Home, among others. So when you want to give small labels big impact you know who to call. (That's us, in case you weren't sure.)

Matt's even written TV-guide copy for The Times, summing up entire plots in just a few words and becoming 'the nation's film critic of choice' (his words, and a complete lie) in the process. So, when brevity is your bag, Matt is most definitely your man.


Social media

These days, having a Twitter or Facebook account is a bit like having a degree - everyone's got one. But there's a reason for that: a well-written social media feed increases exposure, improves customer engagement, strengthens brand loyalty, and drives sales.

Not bad for just 280 characters...

We've written social media for all kinds of businesses, from marketing agencies to property developers, tech start-ups to placemaking websites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn - we've cultivated engaged audiences across all the major social platforms.

So, if you feel like getting social start by getting social with us.


Email & newsletters

Got a promotion you want to shout about? A social media following to build? Want to drive more website traffic? You can do all this quickly and cost-effectively through regular email-outs and newsletters.

But, let's face it, they can be a chore to write, especially when you've so much else to be getting on with. So, let 4-LW take the strain. We'll craft snappy, educational and entertaining emails and newsletters to your fanbase, generating buzz for your biz and keeping you at the forefront of your clients' minds.



Got a document that needs a once-over? A little bit of magic, maybe, or a well-considered correction here or there? Maybe it just needs a good old grammatical tune-up?

Whether it's a restaurant menu or a board-level presentation, if you've written something you're not 100% satisfied with, send it our way - we've got our red pens at the ready!

Interested? Of course you are.

If you think we could add some wizardry to your words, visit our contact page, leave your details and we'll be in touch shortly to see how we can help with your copywriting.