Question: why do I need a copywriter?

Answer: You don't.


No, you don't need a copywriter.


You need someone who can turn what you do into the most exciting, important, and downright sexy thing on the planet. Even if that thing is socks. (Hey, it can be done. Just ask these guys.)


You need someone who can tell your story - and then some. Someone who can punch a fist into your chest, wriggle their fingers around your beating heart, tear it out and smear it all over your website, A4 poster, banner ad, video script, email campaign and Facebook page.


Metaphorically speaking, of course.


You need someone who understands your brand and can speak in your voice as if they were you.


Actually, scrap that.


You need someone who can be you. Someone who knows you so well they could go to your home, cook your family a 3-course meal (Viennetta for pudding, obvs), play on your sacred Les Paul 1959 Cherry Sunburst that only you're allowed to touch on pain of death, and binge-watch Netflix whilst sat in your special seat that's moulded to your specific backside grooves, all without your wife, husband, kids or particularly astute and aggressive pet poodle noticing.


You need someone who can help you sell more. Yeah, we said it. You want to sell more. It's not wrong to want that. It's not shameful. There's no need to apologise. 


You need experts with words. Wordsperts. But not that, because that sounds squidgy and awful. You don't need squidgy and awful. But you do need people who have spent years devoting their lives to writing copy that informs, promotes and sticks in the memory. People who can work their wordsmith wizardry whilst you crack on with all the other bits that make you you. 


You need someone who will unhide your light from under that bushel. And who'll do it so definitively you'll forget there even was a bushel in the first place. To the point where, one glorious day, we'll ask you, 'Hey, do you remember that bushel under which your light used to hide?' And from your fiery throne of market-dominating magnificence you'll laugh at us and say, 'What the **** is a bushel?'


Now that's what you need.


So... actually...


we guess you do need a copywriter, after all.